We believe a small group of purchasers can solve big problems

CPR knows from experience that many of the toughest challenges facing employers today can’t be solved alone.  Collaboratives allow innovative health care purchasers to work alongside their peers and industry experts to share experiences, identify solutions, and develop a path forward.

What is an Employer Collaborative?

A Collaborative is a small group of employers and other health care purchasers working together to tackle a specific health care purchasing challenge or learn more about a specific topic over a defined period of time. Here’s what you can expect from the Collaborative experience:

  • Join forces. Work alongside innovative peers facing the same challenge.
  • Share experiences and learn from others. Hear directly from seasoned employers and learn from each other as you determine your own path forward.
  • Access to subject matter experts.  Collaborative participants have access to a dedicated expert who will provide group consulting and technical assistance.
  • Develop an Action Plan. Walk away with custom tools, materials, or a clear design, implementation, or evaluation plan, so you can take steps to implement your strategy at your organization.

Our work is underway!

Multiple Collaboratives designed to tackle top-of-mind topics for employers are underway.  Check back regularly for updates on how the work is unfolding. As each Collaborative wraps up, CPR will spotlight insights and share generalized tools resulting from our work.


Collaborative 1:  Accountable Care Organizations

SPARC toolkit released September 2017!


Collaborative 2: Identifying High-Value Mental Health Strategies 

How-To-Guide and Specifications to evaluate mental health solutions now available!


Collaborative 3: Communicating High-Value Health Care to Employees  

Toolkit for communicating to employees about high-value health care now available!


Collaborative 4: Risks and Opportunities of Genetic Testing

Coming soon – a toolkit on genetic testing!


Collaborative 5: Tackling Substance Use Disorders 

Collaborative is underway!


Collaborative 6: Advancing Bundled Payment Programs 

Recruitment in progress!



Please note:

There is a fee for participating in our Collaboratives, which is determined based on the duration, format, and structure of each effort.  This fee is used its in entirety to help offset the cost that Catalyst for Payment Reform incurs by facilitating these Collaboratives on an ongoing basis, i.e. includes content development, meeting facilitation, and subject matter expertise.

If you would like to learn more about these efforts or get involved in a future Collaborative, please contact Ryan Olmstead, Director of Member Services, at rolmstead@catalyze.org

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